Knitting work

All clothing from the Web-shop are handknitted with handspun yarn. It wears well and every piece is exclusive and unique.

Yellow cardiganYellow cardigan

€ 95.00

This cardigan is knit in strips of different colors yellow

Red ScarfRed Scarf

€ 25.00

For this scarf is 110 grams of wool needed

Red cardiganRed cardigan

€ 195.00

This cardigan is knitted in ajour pattern. It has a collar and button fastening.

Lilac cardiganLilac cardigan

€ 195.00

Lilac cardigan in lace pattern (ajour pattern) with V-neckline and button fastening

Purple cadigan with pointed edgingPurple cadigan with pointed edging

€ 195.00

This cardigan is in vertical stripes which is the result of tiny patterns in different colours.

Cardigan with a motief of White RosesCardigan with a motief of White Roses

€ 195.00

This cardigan is knitted with naturel dark brown as main colour and featuring natural shades of white and grey in the contrast motief


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