Handspun wool

In this website you will find my unique ,100 % woolen yarn; all hand spun and all hand dyed

Sometimes you will find the wool mixed with fibers like alpaca, silk, angora or mohair but the yarn I create always stays 100% natural.

Since colors might look different on your computerscreen, it is also possible to receive a free sample of the yarn of your choice. So you can experience the true color and texture of this yarn before you make your order.

Please note: when larger amounts of wool are ordered, the weight per skein may vary, total weight will be what you ordered. Please include a note with your order if you prefer each skein to weight 50 grams.

Wine redWine red

€ 4.95

Deep red with some sheen of the silk that is incorporated in the wool.

Pink/orange woolPink/orange wool

€ 4.95

Pink is the main color with some yellow/orange flames. Nice are the colors of the silk that are in the yarn

Green with different colorsGreen with different colors

€ 4.95

A new shade of green mixed with different colors

Yellow woolYellow wool

€ 4.95

Yellow wool with lighter and darker shades

Almond Blossom PinkAlmond Blossom Pink

€ 4.95

Almond Blossom Pink. Wool blended with alpaca.


€ 4.95

A delicate blue color. Wool blended with silk

Wool in soft green shadesWool in soft green shades

€ 4.95

Soft green with silk fibres

Off White WoolOff White Wool

€ 4.95

A nice warm white colour as nature intendend has

Funny GreenFunny Green

€ 4.95

Soft green wool with golden threads and silk fibers

Wool in Cobalt bleu shadesWool in Cobalt bleu shades

€ 4.95

A bright blue colour with shades of Indiga and Prussian blue, with lighter blue and turqoise tones.

Wool in impressionistic shadesWool in impressionistic shades

€ 5.95

.This is a multi-coloured yarn. Handspun and plied with a fine thread of silk.

This way of plying shows a range of colours in which each color gradually blends into the next one, as if it is painted


€ 4.95

A very special colour of green and blue green, with subtle shades of violet

Wool in  Red shadesWool in Red shades

€ 4.95

The whole range of the differend shades of red makes this colour very lively


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